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Dr. Rebecca Wilsey

I graduated from Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) in 1996 with my DVM. I spent most of my childhood years calling Olathe, KS my home. I first became interested in Veterinary Medicine while taking my first dog, Buffi, to the vet. I was known as the “child with no parents” as the veterinary office rarely saw my parents. At the age of 15, I landed my first job as an Animal Caretaker with that same veterinarian. I worked for him for a total of 6 years including Veterinary Assisting. After entering vet school, I helped with a research project on anesthesia recovery in horses as well as a receptionist at the Kansas State Vet School Teaching Hospital.

I met my husband, Russ Brewer, DVM at Kansas State University. We both graduated in 1996 and found there were 42 veterinary job positions open in the greater Chicago area. I started my career at Christiansen Animal Hospital in Wilmette, IL followed by Harper Animal Hospital in Palatine, IL, finally coming to CARE when it opened in April of 2000. I also did relief work at AECCC in Northbrook, IL as an Emergency Veterinarian.

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Veterinary Medicine, but have found my true love in surgery. I enjoy both soft tissue surgery and especially orthopedics. I also help with the management of the clinic, human resources as well as financial aspects and marketing.

I currently am the proud owner of 3 Flat Coated Retrievers (Cadbury, Dizzy and Zap) which I continue to train primarily in agility. A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Sunny, has joined our brood as Emma’s agility partner. The house is ruled by our cat, a dilute calico named Taffy.

If the animals and clinic don’t keep me busy enough, our 2 kids (Nathan and Emma) will. They keep us hopping for sure!

I enjoy helping out with several community service activities, mostly through our church. In my spare time, I also enjoy scrap booking, bicycling, as well as outdoor activities with the kids.