Transporting Your Bird in Freezing Temperatures

Avian (bird): In general, birds are capable of tolerating lower temperatures when they are exposed to them incrementally, however moving a bird from a warm house into a freezing snowy day can be a shock to them. Here are some ideas for transporting your birds safely. Warm the car before bringing birds into the car.

• For smaller birds (cockatiels, budgies, canaries) similar methods to that of the reptile can be used. Place the bird in a small box (shoe boxes are a good option) with small holes and place a warm water bottle inside with the bird. Be aware that birds can and do chew, so any warm object should have a towel or some sort of protective barrier between it and the bird.. And be sure that the warming device is not overheated, as these enclosures can get very warm.
• Place your bird in a small bird-safe carrier and swaddle the carrier in towels. Fleece works particularly well to protect carriers from wind while not blocking air supply.
• For larger birds, warm up an electric heating pad and secure it underneath your carrying cage. Then swaddle the cage with a blanket, warm coat, or towels to keep the heat in.
• Place a cage that has been already swaddled with towels inside a duffle bag. This will provide an extra layer for heat, as well as give an easy way to carry your bird.