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Physical Medicine

The rehabilitation process begins with a Physical Medicine Evaluation. The comprehensive evaluation is done by a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation, acupuncture and spinal manipulation. The assessment will include a physical, neurological and orthopedic exam. The rehabilitation team will also review current medications, home environment, medical and surgical history. Objective measurements are obtained of your pet’s musculature, joints, gait and posture. This allows our certified rehabilitation team to better understand your pet’s current health status. The final step is a discussion of your expectations and goals to plan the best individualized rehabilitation/conditioning program for your pet. OUR PROGRAMS: Orthopedic/Neurological- To increase your pet’s level of comfort and to begin regaining function, we can focus on strengthening, flexibility and gait retraining. Geriatric/Osteoarthritis- Our goal is to increase mobility and strength so senior pets can maintain a high quality of life. Weight Loss Program- Our program is focused on underwater treadmill and exercises to reduce the risk of injury by increasing mobility. Athletic Conditioning- Our athletic program can assist you in increasing your pet’s fitness level by improving cardiovascular endurance and your pet’s muscular health. Once your pet has had their Physical Medicine Evaluation, our certified rehabilitation team is specially trained to assist in the recovery of mobility, balance, and strength through a wide range of therapy options including: OUR TREATMENT OPTIONS Manual Therapy- Massage, passive joint range of motion, stretching and joint mobilization. Therapeutic Laser- Light therapy through a process known as photobiomodulation. Therapeutic Exercise- Combination of strengthening, balance, and proprioceptive exercises. Hydrotherapy- Underwater treadmill. Pain Management- Acupuncture, spinal manipulation, nutritional supplements and prescribed medications. HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM You are encouraged to take an active role in your pet’s therapy by following a prescribed exercise program at home. This plan is designed to address pain and/or dysfunction identified with the Physical Medicine Evaluation. At several points during this rehabilitation process, a series of home exercises will be assigned. The certified rehabilitation team will demonstrate and explain each exercise, so you feel confident doing them at home on your own. These exercises are essential to the rehabilitation process because they continue the momentum and progress in between rehabilitation sessions. We work as a team to help your pet return to optimal function. We are always accessible by telephone or email to address any questions or concerns.