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Jun 01 2017

International Hug Your Cat Day

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Not that anyone needs an excuse to hug or snuggle their cat, but just in case life has been busy and you have been forgetting to give your kitty some love, June 4th is your opportunity to pamper your cat with some extra love. June 4th is International Hug your Cat Day!

Many cat owners worship their cats, but did you know that cats were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, and were honored and rewarded with exquisite jewelry? Cats were so well-regarded in Ancient Egypt, because they kept homes free of dangerous creatures. Cats killed venomous snakes that were hiding, waiting to strike, poisonous scorpions scuttling about, and rats that could ruin food stores, such as grains. Egyptians treated their cats with as much dignity and respect as their own children. Many would mummify their cats and mourn their death just as they would for a family member.

Cats in Ancient Egypt earned their status as respected members of their family by working to keep everyone safe – many domesticated cats are still valued for their “mousing” ability in homes today. Whether your cat “mouses” in your house, or lounges on the window sill watching the world go by, she is just as well regarded in your home as those in Ancient Egypt!

This weekend, spend some extra time with your cat by giving her some extra attention. Show your love and affection to your kitty by making homemade treats, spending some extra time playing with her, bring home a catnip treat, or spoil her with some extra snuggle time. Regardless of what makes your cat purr the loudest, what she will appreciate the most is the time and attention that you give to her. Even if your cat isn’t too fond of hugging or snuggling, a treat will be appreciated.

If you don’t own a cat, but would like to spend some time snuggling kitties, consider offering your time to help out at a local shelter – often shelters need volunteers to give some extra love to cats waiting to be adopted. Consider some of your neighbors – is there an elderly neighbor who could use some help with their cat?

All this love and interaction with your cat is actually healthy for you! Studies have shown that petting a cat releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that the body releases in order to decrease stress and pain. Studies have also shown that just having pets around can reduce stress, and interacting with them, such as by petting them, can reduce stress even more.

Take a “paws” on June 4th to recognize the special cat in your life!

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