Being an AAHA and Fear Free Certified Practice, we have always followed diligent sanitary guidelines. Due to Governor Tony Evers’ mandate, we need to take additional safety measures to reduce risks to our clients and our staff.  Effective Wednesday March 18th, only essential hospital personnel will be allowed inside our establishment until further notice. Please review the protocol below.

Please understand our staff will be practicing personal safety and social distancing for their protection as well as yours. At this time, our team will be limiting personal contact and may be masked, gowned and gloved.  Bathrooms are not available for public use. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


Under the Safer at Home Order, we are currently scheduling appointments for essential care. Essential care is for sick pets, Rabies vaccinations, medically necessary blood testing and fecal diagnostics, puppy/kitten vaccines, and medically necessary surgeries. Effective 4/28/2020, the governor of Wisconsin expanded services to be allowed. We now can schedule nail trim only and anal gland expression only appointments.

Prior to the appointment, you will need to download  the Airvet app and register your pet’s profile.  A payment method will be required to initiate the video chat. We will cancel the fee once the chat has ended. Appointment invoices are still paid over the phone by our staff.

Check-in & Initial Evaluation:

Upon arriving in our parking lot, park in a spot with an orange numbered cone placed at it. Please remain in your vehicle and call the clinic at 262-694-6515. Our staff will verify your return phone number and the numbered parking space you are in.  At this point you will be asked to initiate the Airvet chat, our staff can assist you with these steps.

Once checked in, a technician or assistant will get your pet from the vehicle and into the building for doctor evaluation. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE PARKING LOT. 

Exam & Consultation:

The doctor will accept the Airvet video chat and begin the appointment.

Consent for diagnostics and/or treatment, including details surrounding financial estimates will be discussed during this chat.

When the exam is completed, the doctor will end the video chat. A technician will contact you over the phone to submit payment with one of our payment options: Credit card or Care Credit* are preferred, but cash or check will also be accepted.

*we are currently only accepting Care Credit payments via their phone app or online.

Check-out & Discharge from the hospital:

Once the care of your pet is complete, we will call if there are additional instructions. Your pet will be returned to your vehicle.


Patients scheduled for surgical and hospital procedures will be receiving important detailed instructions and information in two emails prior to the admission date.

Hospitalized Pets:

Updates will be given regularly via Airvet App by your medical team.

Unfortunately, no visitors are allowed inside the hospital.


Please call ahead for essential medication refills. Once filled, we will contact you for payment. When you arrive at our clinic for pick up, please call us so we can bring the medications out to you.

Recommendations for those considering veterinary care for their pet:

Call ahead. This allows for pre-registration and the veterinary care team to ensure we are able to accommodate your pet.

Determine Urgency. Truly emergent, critical pets should seek immediate care and not be delayed. If uncertain about the urgency of your pet’s condition, please consult with one of our team members or your local Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

Expect extended wait times. During this difficult time, we may experience concerns or issues causing a longer appointment time. Our first and foremost concern is your pet, our team will work hard and be as efficient as possible while maintaining a high standard of care and service.

Human illness. If respiratory illness, or if exposure to coronavirus is suspected or confirmed, please have an adult 18 years of age or older bring your pet in for you. A consultation with you will occur by phone. Should a symptomatic or exposed owner need to bring a pet to one of our facilities, we ask that they disclose their condition to ensure our staff is prepared for their arrival.