Care Animal Hospital of Pleasant Prairie is enrolled in Airvet. This app provides connected care with you during curbside appointments.  

Moving forward, to ensure that you can continue to get the highest access levels of care for you and your pet, please make sure you have your account set up on the app.  After Selecting Care Animal Hospital of Pleasant Prairie as your primary hospital, select the doctor you have an appointment with as the primary doctor.  During curbside service, you may need to change this each time you schedule an appointment.  Although you will be asked to enter a credit card, the fee will be refunded at the end of the call for curbside appointments.  We will continue to take payment over the phone and e-mail you a receipt directly from our software.

When you arrive in our parking lot, call us you will be instructed to initiate the Airvet appointment.  Follow these steps:

  1. Select the pet being seen.
  2. Select “Schedule a virtual visit”.
  3. Select doctor pet is seeing for that appointment and then “Continue”. 
  4. Select “Curbside check-in” and then “Send Request”.
  5. Authorize payment [amount will be refunded at end of video call].
  6. When the team is ready, they will accept the call.

In the future, we’ll be using Airvet to do virtual re-check exams, call-backs, and provide you access to a veterinarian when you need immediate help after-hours. 

Please make sure you have the app on your smartphone. Click on the image below to download: