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New Client Registration Form

Thank you for considering our hospital as your pet’s provider of veterinary services. We are dedicated to maintaining the health of your pet and look forward to many future years together.

Please complete this form prior to your first appointment. This will help expedite the registration process and give us valuable insight in providing optimal care for your pet(s). The required sections have a red * asterisk.
  • Owner's Name

  • Co-owner's Name

  • Address

  • Informed Consent

  • A (Who can bring my pet in for treatment)

    Other than you and the co-owner, are there any other persons (18 years or older) to whom you give primary responsibility for the care of your pets? (Authorized agents are not automatically entitled to make medical treatment decisions for your pet, unless you give permission in section B). If yes, please list them in the order you wish us to contact them in the event that you or the co-owner is not available.
  • B (Who can discuss risks/benefits with veterinarian and make medical decisions for my pet).

    I understand that my veterinarian will need to communicate with me, the co-owner, or my authorized agent, prior to treatment of my pet(s) in order to obtain informed consent per the State of Wisconsin. For purposes of informed consent, I direct my veterinarian as follows:

  • By printing my name below, I certify that I am the primary owner listed above, I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, and this information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I further acknowledge that no guarantee has been made as to the results that may be obtained. I understand that complications may arise which cannot be predicted and that I will be held financially responsible for any veterinary medical care necessitated by complications.

    By printing my name below, I consent to the practice contacting me by e-mail and by text message for the purpose of health information and appointment reminders. I will ensure that I keep the practice informed of my up to date mobile number at all times, or if the number is no longer in my possession.

  • Pet Information

  • Fear Free Questionaire

  • As Fear Free certified professionals, we want to make your visit to our hospital the best it can be for you and your pet. Please answer a few questions so we can take both you and your pet’s preferences for the visit into consideration

    Which high reward treat would your pet prefer?: